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Warner Bros. Taps ‘Tropic Thunder’ Scribe to Direct, Write ‘Cannonball Run’ Revival


Having just acquired the rights to the “Cannoball Run” franchise, Warner Bros. has selected Etan J. Cohen (“Tropic Thunder”) to write and direct a relaunch of the film, with Andre Morgan and Alan Gasmer (“Vikings”) producing.

According to Deadline, Warners is very careful not to call the film a remake — rather a “relaunch,” simply titled “Cannonball,” that will retell the infamous “Cannonball sea to shining sea memorial trophy race” of the original film that starred Burt Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and Dom DeLuise.

While Warners wasn’t involved with the first entry in the franchise, they distributed the 1984 sequel.

The “Cannonball Run” revival hasn’t been given a release date.


  • Al Jalaikakik

    I’m sure this will be a shitfest that will totally ignore being a good movie for the point of being overly-inclusive by recasting all the parts in a very obviously PC way.

    The original was a success because of the ensemble. There is no reason to remake it (as the Ghost Busters remake is about to discover).

  • Mike Hunt-Hurtz

    Muh triggers.

  • Pennywise

    “Overly-inclusive.” LOL! What’s your idea of “just the right amount of inclusive?” Was a black Jew and a conservative Brit enough the first time around?

    Don’t worry. There won’t be any recasting. According to the article it’s not a remake. Neither is “Ghostbusters” but don’t let facts get in the way of your rant.

  • red vector

    The most of the original cast are either old or dead so I have no problem with this. Make it more of a spoof/comedy version of the F&F franchise and it could work. First and for most CR was an all star comedy romp. So they need to keep as such.

  • The One and Only

    If there was ever a franchise I wouldn’t mind see rebooted/remade, it’s this. Heck, every time I catch THE FAST & FURIOUS flicks on TV I think back to these films from back in the day. Now, who do you think they’ll cast as Doctor Nicholis Van Helsing. Doctor proctology, and other tendencies ?

  • Drumph

    Dom Delouise is a pig. I’m going to teach this country what it’s like to take it

  • JohnZee

    I wonder who Adam Sandler and Kevin James will be playing. No, not really. Sandler already remade one Burt Reynold’s movie and Kevin James is fat.