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‘Person of Interest’ Officially Ending After Five Seasons on CBS


“Person of Interest” is officially ending with its still-to-debut fifth season: Executive Producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman confirmed the widely expected news to IGN, stating, “We’re extremely excited to be able share this final season with the fans.”

When the show was renewed for a 13-episode fifth season, observers speculated that could be it for the series. After CBS announced the final season would air two new episodes a week, cancellation looked even more likely. It had been previously reported that the fifth season was written with a series ending in mind.

“Person of Interest” debuted on CBS in September 2011, starring Jim Caviezel as presumed-dead CIA agent John Reese. Much of the plotlines revolve around artificial intelligence, specifically the surveillance system “the Machine.” Along with Nolan and Plageman, J.J. Abrams also serves as an executive producer on the series. While never a major ratings hit, the show accumulated a devoted fanbase over the years, with a cast that includes performers like Michael Emerson and Amy Acker, veterans of beloved genre TV (“Lost” and “Angel,” respectively).

The fifth and final season of “Person of Interest” will debut on May 3 and wrap June 21. Nolan and Plageman’s full statement to IGN follows:

“We’re extremely excited to be able share this final season with the fans. We’re eternally grateful to our amazing cast and crew, as well as our partners at the studio and network. Most of all, we want to thank the show’s fans — the best fans in the world. This subversive little paranoia-inducing cyberpunk-thriller is for you and would not have been possible without your support. As life has come to imitate ‘Person of Interest,’ it’s been our great privilege to work on show for the past five seasons. We can’t wait for you to experience this thrilling and final chapter.”


  • Dan Chak

    :( Just discovered this show on Netflix last summer. Now it’s ending.

  • cboulanger

    It’s a great show. I “discovered” it last year and binge-watched to catchup. Loved every episode.

  • Gary

    Big fan of POI. Sad to see it’s ending.

  • Fra Mauro

    P.O.I. was a great and underrated show. CBS never did much to promote it, so the network is probably glad to see it go. CBS has proven again that it is a network on the decline. What will replace it? Let’s see..another crime show, perhaps another family comedy, even better yet…a medical drama!! BORING!!

  • Jason75

    It seemed to lose its way in the fourth season, but the first three seasons were great. It should probably have remained just Mr Reese and Harold though. The extra characters were unnecessary.

  • AmyJGraybill

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  • red vector

    The show lost steam after they wrapped up the HR storyline. It was riveting.