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Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms ‘Terminator 6′ Is On the Way


Though tight-lipped, Arnold Schwarzenegger has indicated plans for a sixth installment in the “Terminator” franchise.

When asked about the possibility of a “Terminator 6″ by Australia’s Channel 9 (via Telegraph), Schwarzenegger simply teased, “I am looking forward to it, absolutely.”

The confirmation of a next “Terminator” entry comes as a bit of a surprise, considering the critical and box office upset of last year’s “Terminator Genisys,” which never even crossed $100 million in North America.

You can check out a segment of Schwarzenegger’s interview below:


  • William Lee

    You Hollywood film guys seem to think American box office is the primary yardstick for film success. Genysis did extremely well overseas. The world market is starting to dictate film marketing and distribution. The times they are a changin’.

  • OrumusST

    Well $350 million foreign box office isn’t exactly “extremely well” but yeah all told it made $440 million so they made enough money to warrant another one.

  • Bicycle Girl

    Didn’t like how “Genysis” re-wrote the entire timeline. Will 6 continue on this tangent?

  • Tom

    Except the studio’s take on the foreign box office isn’t anywhere as good as it is on the domestic.

    iO 9 ran a good article about this several years ago. On average, the studio receives about 50% of the domestic box office take and about 15% of the foreign box office take. So that means that with a $90 million domestic take and a $350 million foreign take, the studio only got back about $98 million ($45 million domestic and $53 foreign).

    What may make a difference IF this is happening (more on that in a second) is how it does in after sales (blu-ray, streaming, on-demand, etc.). Some properties are doing very well in that area. Pacific Rim is a prime example. It didn’t actually do that well at the box office compared to the budget, but did very well in after sales.

    Note I said IF the sequel is occurring. His comment “I am looking forward to it, absolutely” is not confirmation of anything other than he’s absolutely up for doing it if it happens. Given that Paramount pulled the sequel from their schedule. It’s a safe bet it isn’t happening (or isn’t happening anytime soon). So he’s not actually confirming squat.

  • nph53

    is jai courtney still playing kyle reese? if he is then i’m out.

  • Duke & Big Yatta Ends Racism

    Me and Big Yatta would like to know when Brokeback Mountain 2 is coming out?

  • BigAl_81

    Matt Smith’s physical Skynet-embodiment was from a parallel universe, according to Alan Taylor – he basically stated that the entire Terminator mythos is a Multiverse! So we can ignore ‘Earth-Genisys’ altogether for T6 and focus elsewhere.

  • servantoftruth

    The last two were just horrible. They were asinine to say the least. Why another one? Just to put an aging actor to work? I love the guy but ANY script? ANY plot line? Eech!

  • servantoftruth

    Thank you. It was so stupid as to insult every lover of the franchise. Gosh, I hated every single second of it.

  • Michael

    there isn’t an eye roll big enough to describe the reaction to this news

  • signerleo snyder

    no we cant dude at end genisy skynet was seen alive you irgne that you ture fellow ups equel giynyis Uele I bettee then pci corp t4 dude

  • Matthew Utley

    i actually liked the last one alot, love how it really tied into the first 2 movies and was hoping it would do alot better than that, everyone said it was trying to copy the originals to much, but yet jurrasic world did the same damn thing, make up your damn minds people

  • MrMega

    Shocked Genysis didn’t do better.. I waited and waited for that movie but was laid up in hospital (total hip replacement) when it came out.. needless to say I never went to a theater the rest of the year, or even so far this year since it still hurts to sit in certain chairs for very long.

  • hardsuit

    forget doing more movies. Bring back the Sarah Conner Chronicles.

  • hardsuit

    forget doing more movies. Bring back the Sarah Conner Chronicles.

  • hardsuit

    American box office has been lagging for years, the Chinese cannot get enough of American action Blockbusters.

  • hardsuit

    I’d watch the Direct tv channel than T5 Genysis.

  • Hugo Danner

    GGGGaaaaa I’M BACK!!!

  • Paul Taylor

    Poor Ah-Nuld. He’s determined to Terminate his way back into our hearts. But he’s old, flabby, immoral and everyone is tired of that dumb -assed accent he has. Not to mention that he’s a failed politician and a disgraced husband. Fuck this guy. He should self-terminate his career and go away.

  • Paul Taylor

    Poor Ah-Nuld. He’s determined to Terminate his way back into our hearts. But he’s old, flabby, immoral and everyone is tired of that dumb -assed accent he has. Not to mention that he’s a failed politician and a disgraced husband. Fuck this guy. He should self-terminate his career and go away.

  • Lymond

    Here’s the deal. I like terminator. I don’t care about the bad ratings of 3-5 or the reviews from the masses about the derailment of the franchise. I’ve always believed Cameron’s idea was epic. But since he let it go it has gone down hill badly. I can’t speak for the remnant of Terminator fans left, but i can speak for myself. I want a Terminator movie that shows us an in-dept story-line of the future war as shown in T2 and the beginning of Genisys. I don’t want to see replacement Sarah or a replacement Reese unless they act and look very close to actors Biehn and Hamilton, with validity for being in the script/story arc [Maybe for Biehn try the actor Luke Mitchell for a change]. I’m tired of these money hungry film makers screwing up the original work with their time line twist scripts! And Cameron had the nerve to approve that last film like it was golden. SMH It wasn’t terrible, but no where near as epic as it could have been. Genisys is way too rushed and convoluted to feel any sense of urgency from the actors, or really feel satisfied, or even take seriously. Nevertheless I enjoyed seeing Arnold and the T-1000 again. However, they need to give it back to Cameron or just let it rest. Terminator fans have had so many let downs: Rise of the Machines, Salvation, Sarah Chronicles being cancelled, and now Genysys, did i even misspell that right?

  • nik32anime

    I’m really hoping Netflix picks it up for a couple more seasons.

  • nik32anime

    I don’t think Arnold knows that they’re not making a sequel. And the stupid click bait media twist his words to make it sound like he confirmed a sequel.

  • xxjinzaxx

    I’ll be watching. From my perspective, watching Arnold while he is still with us is better than lamenting when he no longer will be.

    Enjoying it while it lasts.

  • pcf11x

    Many find temporal mechanics a confusing subject.

  • ronald

    Finally T6 is a go cant not wait to see it

  • Dswynne

    There’s going to be another sequel anyway, considering that the film rights is set to revert back to James Cameron in the near-future.

  • scooter2407

    Um… he’s an incredibly successful politician, attaining what is likely the highest position a person with his citizenship status can achieve.

    His accent is also his trademark. You are, however, entitled to think it is dumb.

    If he is considered flabby to you I cannot imagine what state of shape your body is in.

  • OrumusST

    Yeah I agree there was no “confirmation. And thanks for the info about box office takes. I will look into that. I had never heard that before.

  • OrumusST

    I would hypothesize perhaps that is because we Americans have been spoiled for choice for so long with a lot of good stories that now Hollywood is in the craze of rebooting everything a lot of movie goers are sick of either same old same old or classics being destroyed. Were as the Chinese market is relatively new and they have not grown sick of the same stories being retold over and over.

  • tommy bone

    Click bait. All Arnold says is there are PLANS for a Terminator 6. Not a definitive confirmation as in script, budget, release date, etc. Huge difference.

  • Paul Taylor

    Ex-Marine war vet and active kick boxer, buddy. Don’t worry about my shape.And i’m not a fossil. Also, what are you, his P.R. rep? If so, great job. He’s no longer in office and his career is in the tank, practically in it’s death throes.Those little commercials that he does is just him barely hanging on, with his old, tired looking ass. And thanks for allowing me to have my own opinion of someone neither you or I know personally! Mighty big of you.

  • 意志

    I see no confirmation. Great clickbait article.

  • Tom

    Found the article. It’s here…

    And note, this is before what they actually mean when they refer to “hollywood accounting” which means that no movie ever actually shows a profit.

  • mimranyameen

    another flop on the way.

  • scooter2407

    Wow, we’re buddies! That’s so amazing! One question though… how can you call me Arnold’s PR guy (which I am!) and say I don’t know him? Are you confused? Kickboxed in the head one-too-many-times?

  • BlubberNugget

    Genisys was a terrible mess of a movie. Pass…

  • shane

    I agree in fact i love genisys and ive followed terminator since 1984.
    I love the re-entry to 1984, i love the extended look at future war and i love the fact that sarah and kyle wind up together.
    Dont make another one arnie cause genisys is a great finish.
    And to all you genisys haters james camerons endorsements of this film prove how shallow you are!!

  • shane

    Ha ha ha yeah james cameron said the same thing when he watched terminator genisys and he created the franchise didnt he

  • shane

    No hes just an arrogant self intitled critic who thinks its ok to bash anything and everything.
    I loved genisys and so did james cameron its a pity james cameron isnt a kickboxer cause he could knock some sense into our hero

  • Leon Morgan

    Genisys is a homage to the original. I f–king loved every single second of it.

  • Leon Morgan

    Genisys was a masterpiece.

  • shane

    Cameron loved it and i love it too it aint perfect but i love the ending with sarah and kyle together