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Harrison Ford Has Advice For Actors Auditioning to Play Young Han Solo


Although Harrison Ford previously declined to offer advice to actors auditioning to play young Han Solo in the upcoming “Star Wars” spinoff, now that he’s promoting the Blu-ray/DVD release of “The Force Awakens,” he’s a little more forthcoming: “Don’t do it.”

Appearing Monday on “Ellen,” the 73-year-old actor was quick to correct host Ellen DeGeneres when she asked whether he had tips for anyone pursuing the role of “the new Han Solo.”

“Not a new Han Solo, a … a … young,” Ford said, jokingly unable to complete the phrase. “It’s worse than that, it’s a young Han Solo.”

After composing himself, the actor continued: “Don’t do it. First, you know, it seems like everything’s going swimmingly, and you put in 25, 30 years, and they just … they just let you go. And they show you the door: ‘We’re done with you, thanks very much.'”


  • Crimsonrain

    lol..we had a young Indy…both in movie form and TV form…why not a young Han Solo?

  • Crimsonrain

    lol..we had a young Indy…both in movie form and TV form…why not a young Han Solo?

  • jrau18

    Wait, let him go? He’s made his dislike for the part very clear since the 80’s. Better advice: Don’t bitch about your multi-million dollar payday.

  • FreeJack

    Is Ford revising history here? He’s on record as wanting Solo to be killed off. He hasn’t made any secret that he didn’t want to continue being associated with the Star Wars franchise. So now he’s talking like a jilted lover who’s been kicked to the curb? Come on.

  • a boy and his blog

    He is being tongue in cheek. He is very happy to be finished with the character. Hopefully Indy has one last great ride in him as well.
    ( psst…I liked KOTCS)

  • Terrormaster

    I agree. Don’t do it. I don’t want to see ANY Han Solo except Ford’s Han Solo. These spinoffs are a BAD BAD BAD idea. Worse than prequels bad! Instead of these little one offs exploring characters we already know and love (save that for video games, comics, novels, and maybe Rebels cameos) how about we just create an entirely new series set a few thousand years in the past outside of the scope of the existing films. Disney is making me really nervous.

  • Schnitzy Pretzelpants

    I say don’t do it is good advice too – but for decidedly different reasons (possibly): I am an actor. I would welcome the paycheck, but otherwise you’re really walking into a (likely) thankless landmine.

    ACTING/STORYWISE – The only way to make the film – and more importantly the character – of a young Han Solo work is to make the choice to show Solo BEFORE he became the Solo we first met. Otherwise you’re giving an actor a pretty thankless job to take on – imitating essentially a legend.

    But then the issue becomes the same ones that plagued the prequels…

    Unless the back story you are telling is MORE compelling that the mystery created by the ambiguity or LACK of a back-story then don’t do it.

    All the prequels suffered from this – there was nothing more compelling in what we found out about Ben Kenobi in the prequels than what we already knew – and that was a character played by a really good actor (both past and present), but still, the story completely failed him.

    Anikin was even worse, because I totally feel what my imagination created in his backstory was infinitely better than anything in the prequels. And, frankly – the prequels went far too far with the character and his darkness – he massacres children for god sake, and he basically becomes unhinged over the kind of plot point you’d find in a teenage romance after-school special.

    Now, I have to say – that for all the shortcomings of The Force Awakens, I do feel that the guiding forces behind the franchise, know what they are doing (or at least have my trust), and I am kind of looking forward to Rogue One, the other prequel – but I can’t help but feel that a Han Solo prequel is a misstep. I hope tho I am proven wrong.

    But, I think if prequels are going to be ongoing, I much prefer them sticking to the side-stories like Rogue One.

    I’d even be down with seeing Ewan McGregor play Ben again – but in a story that doesn’t tie into all the other events – give him a story of his own, where the consequences are personal (like his days on Tatooine).

    This to me is where Star Wars is missing a trick – there are stories that can be told that don’t dovetail into the existing plot or story – there’s a whole universe out there, and conflicts aplenty – you could tell a space prison story.

    I’m not expressing this very well, but what I mean is – they don’t always have to make a story to ‘fill in’ or explain something – especially explain questions we never really asked.

    Why not have a Ben Kenobi story where he’s just wanting peace on Tatooine, and not wanting to draw attention to himself – almost a kind of Star Wars version of The Fugitive, where because of his nobility and honor, he keeps getting pulled into conflicts? That doesn’t need to answer anything, just tell a story.

  • Vincenzo Beretta

    Harrison Ford is famous for being ironic and sarcastic. Just watch “Han Wars”, the sketch he did with Sephen Colbert and J.J. Abrams: he makes fun of his own “attitude” (along with playing a guy whose mind is starting to go a bit elsewhere…) I pissed myself :D