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Harrison Ford is Excited to Return to ‘Indiana Jones’


Harrison Ford is eager to don his iconic fedora once again for a fifth Indiana Jones film — just not right this minute.

The audience cheered last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” when the host mentioned the recently announced sequel, leading Ford to joke, “Not now.”

“I’ll be ready,” the 73-year-old actor added.” “I’ll be ready. I’m excited about it.”

The Disney film will re-team Ford with Steven Spielberg, who directed the previous four installments of the franchise. David Koepp, who wrote “Jurassic Park” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” will pen the script.

“The opportunity to work with Steven again, and the chance to revisit this character which has brought pleasure to so many people — not to mention me,” Ford said. “It’s great fun to play this character, it’s great fun to work with Steven. I’m looking forward to it.“


  • Picklepuss Dill

    Has Ford ever explained why he loves playing Indiana Jones but hates playing Han Solo?

  • Schnitzy Pretzelpants

    Well, I suspect that it has something to do with his disregard for the material and process on the original film.

    I think they all did very well – some more than others – for their association with the films, but I think many aspects about the series drove him a little bonkers – notably, the script on the first film.

    He was quite excited and loved the process on the second film, but I think felt the third film was a misstep I know he sided with Gary Kurtz and Kasdan about wanting Han to die in Jedi, and that he felt it was tonally a step backwards from what Empire achieved.

    Owing to his choice of films, and the direction his career has taken it may not seem like it, but if you read up on Ford, he very much is someone who likes challenging, character-driven material, and solid – and communicative directors with vision.

    He truly loves Lucas, but I think he found working with him maddening.

    Added to the fact that he just doesn’t get the more obsessive nature of fandom – I am a fan and an actor, and I don’t get it either. So, he gets frustrated with some people not being able to discern that for actors, a role like Han Solo, above all else, is a job. A job – like all jobs, and for all good actors – that he wants to do well, and is no doubt appreciative of the love and appreciation he gets from doing it, but a job nonetheless.

    For some reason my impression is that he doesn’t have that kind of difficulty with Indiana Jones.

    Plus, the character is largely grounded – even if his exploits are not – and therefore relateable.

    That, and he’s the lead – not a (popular) second-fiddle.

    Mostly speculation on my part, pieced together with some interviews and a biography I read years ago (think it was called “Imperfect Hero”). It’s also a bit of me imposing how I’m pretty sure I would feel in his shoes. Roles like Han Solo are a strange blessing/curse – on the one hand – that film launched him, on the other, it comes with a ton of baggage.

  • Picklepuss Dill

    Thank you for the reply, Schnitzy! That was very helpful. ♥

  • Frank Mondana

    I sure hope someone brings up that stupid “saved from the nuke by refrigerator” bit from the last film.
    They need to stick with the far more realistic things like-

    The rolling boulder trap that never triggered by the weight of dust, dirt, insects, snakes, or any other thing that would have added or reduced the weight.

    Saved from melting by keeping eyes closed.

    Thousands of venomous snakes, alive, healthy, and many not even from that continent, guarding the place that turns sunlight into a laser pointing out a location. Oh, and the builders somehow knew when this laser needed to be generated since that alignment was only good for a short period earlier or later than Indy used it. More than the height of the staff would be different.

    Drinking an antidote to a poison in the knick of time. He would have been barfing blood, or worse, long before the game of kick the can. He would have spent weeks to recuperate as well. Not magically better as soon as it was taken.

    Surfing an inflatable raft out of an airplane then everything after that falling in their favor so they could lunch with the folks and just so happens to discover the evil plot.

    The submarine ride.

    Yep, there are dozens of similar realistic things occurring throughout the first 3 movies that are perfectly plausible, everyday occurrences that were all ruined by the inclusion of that RIDICULOUS refrigerator scene in 4.

    The hurdle they will face with number 5 is not repeating the almost unforgivable mistake made with 4’s ending. Why Spielberg thought there needed to be an FX laden climax to this movie is a real mystery.
    The first 3 didn’t have massive amounts of optical FX, right? Why would anyone make a film inspired by the old serials even think, “Hey! We need to use special FX here!” Its a frickin’ mystery!

    Of course, they better not consider inter dimensional beings. What was that BS!

    It better be a centuries old Templar guard (who can’t even lift a weapon), a relic that shoots lasers and melts people (unless you close your eyes), a sorcerer who enslaves kids and can remove hearts while the person still lives, or some Commie bad guys.
    You know REAL STUFF!

  • Jimmy

    ” David Koepp, who wrote “Jurassic Park” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” will pen the script.” Anybody else suddenly get a bad feeling about this? What else will he come up with other than Nuke the Fridge?

  • Franmon

    Well said. Sorry about the delay. I just find it silly when a bit like that, in a film series made as a love letter to those events. My dad was born in 1925. (Pops was a go getter too. I saw first light in 1965) and just old enough to remember that rough spot a few years later.
    He and his 4 brothers did the bottle trick on Saturday morning to get 4 bits each. This got them popcorn, candy, soda, then in a seat for approximately- 6 cartoons, 3-4 serials, Newsreels, some travelogues, assorted shorts, then 2-4 full length pix. They left at 5am, got home around 11pm. All for roughly 1 hour parking at the dentist today.
    Those serials were stuffed with crazy contraptions and stunts. Those kids would get a bit testy if silly fridges were left out do to some “hyper realistic desire”.
    That fridge bit was put in there to get to the low brush bit. It fit nicely. Then to see writers lose their minds over it as simply far too silly in a series stuffed to the brim with dozens of far more outlandish bits was too much to try to fit in with Dad’s cooler memories of silliness at all cost!
    He saw Star Wars 4,5, and 6 with me 50 times each. The last film we saw in a Theater together was Raiders 3. He left as we watched SW Episode 1 on VHS in his hospital bed 5 days before it opened in theaters. I’m siding with Dad on what should be in films of that ilk.