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Ghostbusters Light Up Their Proton Packs in New Movie Image


Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones take the stage at a rock concert in the latest image from director Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters.”

We know from the recent trailer that they’re facing off against a winged demon, but we don’t know how the encounter ends (other than with Jones’ character on the floor following a crowd-surfing mishap).

Also starring Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, Neil Casey, Michael K. Williams, Charles Dance and Matt Walsh, the supernatural comedy opens July 15.


(via Empire)



  • Bryan Manning

    I seriously can not wait to not watch this!

  • Brian R

    I can not wait to watch this!

  • TheBlank

    you both are nuts….this looks like trash!!!

  • Zach Cage

    YAWN This is going to be terrible.