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Is It Time to Give ‘Fanboy’ A Rest?

Is It Time to Give ‘Fanboy’ A Rest?


The Hollywood Reporter’s review of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters describes the film as “tacky pastiche” that’s missing “a genuine sense of wit,” with an “awfully thin” script. “There isn’t much here to entice anyone with a bit of maturity,” it says – but the sub-heading for the review suggests that the “campy, violent version of Grimm’s fairy tale should entice fanboys.” Isn’t it time that everyone gave fan boyishness a break, already?

If Abrams Does <i>Star Wars</i>, What Happens to <i>Star Trek</i>?

If Abrams Does Star Wars, What Happens to Star Trek?


The news – still officially unconfirmed at time of writing – that JJ Abrams will direct the next Star Wars movie sent the Internet insane yesterday, with social media filled with jokes about lightsabers and lens flare and excitement about the prospect of the director taking on the most beloved of geek culture, but few asking what seems like an obvious question: If true, what does this mean for Star Trek?

Development Deal: <i>Avengers Academy</i>

Development Deal: Avengers Academy


If there’s one thing that a quick look at the current state of television and movies will tell you, it’s that there’s not much need for original ideas when there’s so much out there ready and waiting to be adapted, updated or just outright ripped off. That’s why we’ve decided to help in that process with a series that offers up some of the things we’d like to see being brought to big screen or small. This week’s suggestion? Avengers Academy.

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