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The Sorkin That Was: <i>Sports Night</i>

The Sorkin That Was: Sports Night


With The Newsroom premiering on HBO this weekend, perhaps it’s time to reminisce over creator Aaron Sorkin’s television career to date. Whether The West Wing or Studio 60, you know what you’re going to get when you watch a Sorkin show: Fast-paced dialogue that mixes the smart snark with an almost overwhelming sincerity. And here’s where it all began: Sports Night.

Why Television Isn’t a ‘Writers’ Medium’

Why Television Isn’t a ‘Writers’ Medium’


If common wisdom is to be believed, movies are a directors’ medium, whereas television is a writers’ medium. And, on the face of it, that appears to be true: Movies, after all, can afford the time and money to set up visually spectacular shots that will stay with the viewer in a way that television rarely (if ever) can, leaving television relying on the stories they’re telling in order to win people over. But … a writers‘ medium? Really?

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