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Development Deal: <i>Avengers Academy</i>

Development Deal: Avengers Academy


If there’s one thing that a quick look at the current state of television and movies will tell you, it’s that there’s not much need for original ideas when there’s so much out there ready and waiting to be adapted, updated or just outright ripped off. That’s why we’ve decided to help in that process with a series that offers up some of the things we’d like to see being brought to big screen or small. This week’s suggestion? Avengers Academy.

How del Toro’s <i>Dark Universe</i> Could Open Up A Whole New Frontier for DC Entertainment

How del Toro’s Dark Universe Could Open Up A Whole New Frontier for DC Entertainment


The (somewhat surprising) revelation that Guillermo del Toro really is working on a movie that teams DC Comics’ supernatural characters like Zatanna, John Constantine, Deadman and Swamp Thing isn’t just a tease for what would likely end up being a good movie, it’s a sign of a way that DC could avoid looking like they’re attempting to follow in Marvel’s footsteps a little too closely.

Isn’t Bringing Agent Coulson Back A Bad Idea?

Isn’t Bringing Agent Coulson Back A Bad Idea?


It’s hard to know how to react to the news that Clark Gregg will be reprising his role as the SHIELD pilot that Joss Whedon is putting together for ABC. Of course, the fan faithful who adored the character in his appearances through all of the Marvel movies to date are excited to see that his career didn’t end with Marvel’s The Avengers, but still… Isn’t this ultimately a bad decision on Marvel’s part?

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