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5 June TV Debuts We’re Dying to Watch

5 June TV Debuts We’re Dying to Watch


As you might be able to tell by the brighter evenings and the soaring temperature, we’ve already made it to June without too much complaint. But as the summer gets into full swing, television strikes back with some welcome returns (And a much-anticipated show debuting). Here are the five you should be watching.

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Summer’s Here, And The Time Is Right For TV Done Right


It’s June, that time of year that is generally considered a television wasteland: Broadcast networks lapse into re-runs and shows that they didn’t think were going to be popular enough to get a big enough audience at any other time of the year, and we’re all supposed to be thinking about what’s going to debut come the new fall season. So why am I excited about the next few months of viewing?

CCI: <i>Burn Notice</i> Panel

CCI: Burn Notice Panel


At Comic-Con International, Burn Notice star Bruce Campbell, creator Matt Nix and other members of the cast and crew talks about USA’s hit spy series and announced plans for a prequel movie focusing on Campbell’s Sam Axe character.