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No More Cylons: Syfy Cancels <i>Caprica</i>

No More Cylons: Syfy Cancels Caprica


The escalating feud between the Adama and Graystone families, not to mention the race to build the first Cylon, is at an end. The Syfy network has announced the cancellation of Caprica, the television prequel series that spun out of Battlestar Galactica.

<i>Caprica</i> Returns Early To Syfy

Caprica Returns Early To Syfy


Syfy announced this morning that Season 1.5 of Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica, will premiere on Oct. 5 rather than in January 2011, as originally planned. The series will air on Tuesday nights following Stargate Atlantis.

CCI: <i>Caprica</i> Panel

CCI: Caprica Panel

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“Caprica” creator Ronald D. Moore, executive producer David Eick and actors James Marsters, SAsha Roiz, Alessandra Torresani Magda Apanowicz appeared at Comic-Con International to talk about the Syfy series’ origin, tone and future, and how it compares to “Battlestar Galactica.”