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Could New <i>Heroes</i> Save NBC?

Could New Heroes Save NBC?


For those who didn’t read yesterday’s post, I’ve decided that The Event and The Cape should serve as a wake-up call to NBC that they need to stop playing it so safe with their genre shows. And, if Wonder Woman isn’t what the network needs to return to former glory, I had another suggestion: Bring Heroes back.

Yes, it sounds like a terrible idea, but wait: I have a plan.

Why Can’t NBC Come Up With Good Genre TV Anymore?

Why Can’t NBC Come Up With Good Genre TV Anymore?


There’s something depressingly familiar about the rumors that NBC’s The Event is destined for cancellation before the end of its first season. After all the hype and hope of the show’s launch, audiences and critics alike failed to care enough to ensure a second year. Still, at least it made it further than Undercovers, cancelled before it even reached mid-season. Why can’t NBC draw a genre audience anymore?

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