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Will Warner Bros. Dream Up An <i>Inception</i> Sequel?

Will Warner Bros. Dream Up An Inception Sequel?


Even in light of the sizable hole created by the South Park gang in “Insheeption,” there’s still no denying that people remain bowled over by Christopher Nolan’s Inception. And some of those people include the folks at Warner Bros., who are reportedly interested in expanding the Inception brand with sequels.

<i>Inception</i> Isn’t A Dream, Or Is It?

Inception Isn’t A Dream, Or Is It?

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Christopher Nolan’s dream-centric action thriller has been in theaters for months now, so most of you have probably seen it at this point. Are you still scratching your head over the ending? Well, scratch no more, as Michael Caine has an explanation — and needless to say, spoilers lie ahead!

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