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What I Want From <i>Independence Day 2</i>

What I Want From Independence Day 2


It can’t just be me that is simultaneously excited and depressed about the idea of the idea of not one but two sequels to 1996’s Independence Day. Admittedly, the reason why I’m excited has less to do with the movies themselves, and more to do with the potential for them to be absolutely, almost unwatchably terrible. But then, I’m not sure that I liked ID4 in the right way to begin with…

Five All-American Movies To Enjoy This July 4th

Five All-American Movies To Enjoy This July 4th


Happy Independence Day, Americans! As you enjoy your day off work, planning barbecues in the sun and/or tossing footballs around with friends in celebration of no longer being part of the British colonies – Trust me, as a former British citizen, I know how that freedom feels firsthand – I thought that perhaps I could suggest some movies to watch to complete that warm, warm glow of patriotism in your heart. Five All-American Movies To Go? I think so.