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Review | <i>Jack Reacher</i>

Review | Jack Reacher


Between a woefully miscast Tom Cruise, a sadly underutilized supporting cast and a litany of terrible one-liners, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie’s Jack Reacher disappoints on all fronts. The cinematography and sound design, however, are another story.

Your Holiday 2012 Movie Guide

Your Holiday 2012 Movie Guide


Well, the weather outside is frightful – and that’s exactly why movie studios and theater owners alike love the holiday season. But what are the big movies headed our way between now and Christmas? For some, it’s all about Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth, for others Quentin Tarantino taking on the Western genre. Perhaps you’re more interested in a handful of welcome re-releases, though or Tom Cruise’s latest attempt to be an action hero… Click through for a quick guide to the big movies to watch out for over the next month.