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What Was Your Favorite Movie of The Year?

What Was Your Favorite Movie of The Year?


2012 was a busy year for genre movies, with long-awaited movies that may have disappointed (John Carter, Prometheus), franchises making new bids of life (Men in Black 3, Total Recall) and the superhero movies that ruled them all (The Dark Knight Rises and, of course, The Avengers). But what was your favorite movie of the year? Tell all in our poll.

Disney Studios Chairman Resigns

Disney Studios Chairman Resigns

Following the disastrous performance of John Carter, Rich Ross abruptly stepped aside today as chairman of Walt Disney Studios, just two weeks before the North American release of The Avengers.

How Big Will <i>Avengers</i> Be?

How Big Will Avengers Be?


Finally, some good news for Disney in a year that’s seen John Carter bring some ridiculously heavy clouds to the skies over the Magic Kingdom just for being a (relative) flop: Marvel’s The Avengers looks like it’s going to be a big hit, with pre-release tracking giving it an opening weekend of somewhere in the region of $125 million. Impressive? Sure. But also, just maybe a little low…?

Why Can’t Disney Make Boys’ Movies?

Why Can’t Disney Make Boys’ Movies?


So, John Carter has officially become labeled as a flop (despite reasonable reviews and a decent worldwide take), joining Tron Legacy and Prince of Persia on the list of failed attempts to kickstart action adventure franchises in recent years. Why can’t Disney seem to get a foothold in the live-action male market?

<i>The Lorax</i> Tops <i>John Carter</i>

The Lorax Tops John Carter


Disney’s big-budget action-adventure John Carter grossed $30.6 million in its opening weekend at the North American box office, coming in second behind Universal Pictures’ Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

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