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After <i>Prometheus</i>, What’s Next?

After Prometheus, What’s Next?


What happens after the end of Prometheus? By that, I don’t mean Alien, or all its many sequels and spin-offs, but… Even though Ridley Scott’s movie finally hit theaters this week, it’s possible that the story is not only not over, but isn’t even finished for this year.


5 More Prequels to Follow Prometheus


If the inevitable success of Prometheus is going to do anything within the industry, it’s convince Hollywood that prequels are the way to put some new life into old franchises. We could argue that, no, the lesson should be getting talented filmmakers to think big and be ambitious, but why fight it? Here are five ideas for prequels to resurrect those other 1980s movie series that you loved.


Review | Prometheus


Director Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction, and the Alien universe, with Prometheus is a technological showcase filled with awe-inspiring moments and white-knuckle scares that is, unfortunately, failed by its script.

What Actually Counts As a Spoiler, Anyway?

What Actually Counts As a Spoiler, Anyway?


When is a spoiler not a spoiler? When a spoiler for something that doesn’t actually happen in a movie or television show falls in a forest, does anyone hear it? The revelation this week that GI Joe: Retaliation was delayed in part to reshoot scenes that would change a crucial plot point in the movie – which revealed said plot point – has gotten me thinking about the nature of spoilers that aren’t quite spoilers.

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