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Review | <i>The Mechanic</i>

Review | The Mechanic

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Despite a few shortcomings, director Simon West’s remake of the 1972 thriller The Mechanic delivers an adrenaline-fueled ride, with star Jason Statham shining as a methodical hit man out for revenge.

Review | <i>No Strings Attached</i>

Review | No Strings Attached


In the Ivan Reitman-directed No Strings Attached, Golden Globe winner Natalie Portman tries her hand at romantic comedy, starring opposite Ashton Kutcher. Despite a strong supporting cast, Kutcher’s performance and underdeveloped characters combine to weigh down the movie.

Review: <i>Best Worst Movie</i>

Review: Best Worst Movie


Best Worst Movie is a celebration of one particular bad movie, 1990’s Troll 2, and the humanity that surrounds it. It’s also a documentary about one of the film’s stars and the audience that embraced one of the worst movies ever made.