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Emmy Awards as They <i>Should</i> Be

Emmy Awards as They Should Be


With the nomination deadline fast approaching for the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards, Spinoff’s Anna Pinkert thinks it’s time for an overhaul and suggests some new categories (and potential winners) that might better reflect the TV-watching experience.

When Is the Best Time to Follow in Footsteps?

When Is the Best Time to Follow in Footsteps?


Watching the pilot of NBC’s Smash earlier this week – which I enjoyed much more than I expected to, even if I suspect that it’s not going to hold up well in the ratings now that everyone’s had a taste – I found myself wondering about the statute of limitations when it came to bandwagon jumping. After all, Smash is pretty much “Glee for grown-ups” – but hasn’t the Golden Age of Glee been over for at least a year?