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Unmuffle That Villain for the Good of the Movie, Please

Unmuffle That Villain for the Good of the Movie, Please


Watching the new Dark Knight Rises trailer, I found myself drawn in right up until Bane spoke, and I realized that too much realism – in this case, the fact that wearing a mask over your mouth will make you potentially difficult to understand – can be a bad thing after all. Especially in a movie about a guy who dresses up like a giant rodent to fight crime. So why do it?

The Dark <i>Lantern</i>? I Don’t Think So

The Dark Lantern? I Don’t Think So


There’s a lot to unpack in the comments of Warner Bros’ movie president Jeff Robinov about the second Green Lantern movie, including what looks like an acknowledgment that the first one wasn’t all that it could be – and a worrying sign that the current plan learns all the wrong lessons from the success of The Dark Knight.

Can Harry Beat The Bat?

Can Harry Beat The Bat?

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Will Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 1 beat The Dark Knight‘s record opening weekend box office take? With the movie opening on a record number of screens amid a wave of excitement, it’s not impossible.

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