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The Late Shows: Series That Won’t Be Returning in September

The Late Shows: Series That Won’t Be Returning in September


We’re in upfronts week, when the networks announce their new line-ups for the new television year starting in September, revealing what shows are returning and what shows are premiering. Less excitingly for fans and creators, however, it’s also when the shows get officially cancelled by the networks, sometimes without making much noise about it. If you’re wondering whether your favorite bubble shows have quietly met their end, here’s a list of the shows that won’t be returning for next year.

Hidden Treasure: Why <i>The Finder</i> Is Worth Looking For

Hidden Treasure: Why The Finder Is Worth Looking For


Is anyone else watching The Finder on Fox these days? The Bones spin-off has been on for a couple of weeks now – the third episode airs tonight at 8pm – and, while I doubt it’s ever going to be a show that’ll win awards and critical praise, I have to admit that it’s a pretty perfect example of what I call the “Good Enough” genre of television – and an odd example of watching a show find itself in very public circumstances.