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Your Guide To The Shows That <i>Didn’t</i> Make It To Fall 2011

Your Guide To The Shows That Didn’t Make It To Fall 2011


Upfronts week – that time of year when network executives tell advertisers and the world at large what shows they’ll be airing come the new fall season, and we all start wondering which ones will fail first – is coming to an end. And while, for most people, that means they can start thinking about the future, I’d rather think about the past… and the shows that didn’t make it to a new season.

Recap | <i>V</i>, ‘Red Rain’

Recap | V, ‘Red Rain’


The opening hour of V’s second season is filled with intriguing sci-fi concepts, brutal acts of violence and a healthy dose of sex to boot. An unbalanced episode, it nonetheless sets up an intriguing premise for future episodes. Check out our spoiler-filled recap of the episode past the jump.

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